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Termografías calorifugado

Our flexible and removable insulation system allows to achive greater energy savings, in addition to improve safety on workplace and to reduce industrial heat exporsure.

The main feature of our products is the ease of assembly. Traditional systems require skilled labor for assembling and disassembling, negatively impacting mainteinance costs.

The jackets produced at THERMATRON facilities allow the insulation of elements subjected to high or low temperatures, because the range of work temperature comes from -50ºC to 550ºC.

Our flexible and removable jackets are able to insulate several elements, such as pipes, valves, boilers, heat exchangers,tanks, turbos, flow meters, flanges, filters...

Along with our innovative system we've developed and foment the KEPAD philosophy:


ioto: Obligation to reduce a 20% the emission of greenhouse gases
nergy and sustainable development
revention and regulation of labor risks in workplace
ugment efficiency of production processes
ecrease energy bills and fast return of investment