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Reactor insulation

The flexible and removable insulation represents an optimal solution to replace the insulation of the reactors that can be found in different industries.

Reactor insulation

Rock wool insulation commonly used in reactors presents problems when carrying out maintenance operations. This is because rock wool can cause small fires during its removal, for this reason the labor of more than one operator is needed.

These problems disappear with THERMATRON lagging. The flexible and removable system favors maintenance work.

In the event that we find a fault in the reactor, only the part of the insulation that is covering the affected area will be removed, the repair will be carried out and at the end, the part of the insulation that has been previously removed will be replaced with the hooks.

All this supposes an improvement in the labor security, a saving in the costs of maintenance and a fast return of the investment.


  • Facilitates maintenance
  • Increases the efficiency of the lagging
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Possibility of installing accessory parts
  • Improve job security
  • Fast return on investment