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Conduit hose insulation

Among the solutions we offer our customers is the flexible and detachable insulation for hoses or hoses.

Conduit hose insulation

The hoses are elements that can get to work at high temperatures, and if they are not isolated they cause a great dissipation of heat. Therefore, from THERMATRON we recommend insulation for hoses or hoses.

In some cases the hoses that transport liquids at high temperature, must be handled by the operators, assuming a risk of injury by contact, but thanks to the THERMATRON insulation, the contact temperature will drop to around 40ºC, thus avoiding possible work accidents.

Our flexible and demountable system facilitates the maintenance tasks, since if there was a leak in the hose or hose only the insulation of the area affected by the leak should be removed and, once resolved, re-install the insulation using the fasteners.


  • Job security
  • Energy efficiency
  • Adapted design
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Fast return investment