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Extruder insulation

Following our philosophy KEPAD to reduce CO2 emissions, contribute to sustainable development, allow energy savings and improve job security, we made flexible and detachable insulation systems specific to plastic extruders: HPDE, PET...

Extruder insulation

The THERMATRON design consists of an insulating jacket that covers the extruder, in turn, this jacket is covered with a protective cover, to prevent the molten plastic from affecting the jackets.

The efficiency of THERMATRON insulation is focused on the ease of assembly thanks to the high temperature resistant hooks, which facilitate maintenance work.

The system designed by THERMATRON also allows the isolation of the heads of the extruder machines.

The whole set allows a great energy saving by decreasing the dissipated energy, thus reducing the electrical consumption.


  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Job security
  • Fast return on investment