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Collector insulation

Thanks to the flexible and removable design of our products, we have been able to design isolation jackets for any type of valve (two way, three way, with flanges, without flanges, for cold ...)

Collector insulation

The raw material that makes up the jacket allows the isolation of valves with temperature from -50ºC to 550ºC, reducing the contact temperature to + 40ºC in the cold face of the jacket.

The valves are elements that dissipate great temperature and therefore produce large losses in energy management, so we recommend their isolation, since the return on investment is very fast.

In addition to the return on investment, the use of THERMATRON jackets is recommended because the chances of accidental contact with valves at a high temperature will be reduced, thus avoiding possible work accidents.

Usually, the valves found in any industry are not thermally insulated, since if maintenance work is required on the valves, the conventional lagging harms the work of the operators. Therefore, we recommend the installation of the flexible and detachable THERMATRON system. since it will not affect the maintenance work due to its easy assembly.


  • Facilitates maintenance
  • Increases the efficiency of the lagging
  • Improve job security
  • Possibility of insulating accessory parts
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Possibility of replacing parts