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Pipe insulation

Our team is specialized in the manufacture of flexible detachable flexible insulation for ducts and pipes, whatever the shape and arrangement of them.

Pipe insulation

The versatility of our equipment means that the design of THERMATRON jackets can vary depending on the characteristics of the elements (diameter, temperature and length).

These systems usually include pipes, elbows, flanges, "T" type leads and hoses of different diameters.

The THERMATRON jackets allow to reduce the contact temperature from a maximum of 550ºC to a final temperature of approximately 40ºC.

In addition, these jackets, due to their wide range of working temperatures, can be used to prevent the freezing of products that flow through the pipes in work zones at very low temperatures (-40ºC).


  • Reduction of contact temperature
  • Reduction of thermal dissipation
  • Decrease in energy consumption
  • Ease of assembly
  • Improves job security
  • Fast return on investment